RSPSoc 2017:

Thursday, 7 September, 2017

RSPSoc 2017 looked to have a fine set of talks this year hosted by the marvelous people at the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College. Check out the abstracts. SfM had it’s only session (naturally!), preceded by a plenary from Mike James (Lancaster). This session also included talks from myself/James O’Connor on our work reviewing camera settings for UAVs and the impact of image quality on SfM photogrammetry. The first set of slides are below and the second set on this page.

Studio of Objects at RGS

Saturday, 3 September, 2016

The Studio of Objects (see all my previous posts on the project), which recorded the interior space of Paolozzi’s studio at the Scottish National Gallery, was available for viewing and interaction at the Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference last week in London.

I took part in a panel discussion on the arts and sciences (see my personal page for slides and mp3) and then for the rest of the day the latest beta version was available in the main hall. In fact, the installation was so popular that it made a return visit on Friday where delegates had a second bite at the interactive cherry!

Food in Vienna

Friday, 29 April, 2016

I was away at the European Geosciences Union last week presenting in a number of sessions. EGU has long been in Vienna which is a wonderfully cosmopolitan city with by far one of the best transit systems I have used. It works on an honour system and is just efficient and effective. The underground (U-banh) and buses get you anywhere quickly. It also has one of the highest number of hotel beds and apartments available for a major city making it is to stay in comfort.

Anyway, no EGU would be complete without a quick rundown of some of the extensive restaurants that are available throughout the city (and their TrustedReviews links):

Le Pho: specialising in pho (doh!), a Vietnamese soup. Freshly cooked and great price. Was a great start to the week. Yes, James had the large portion!

Pizzeria Osteria da Giovanni: a real backstreet underground cellar feel and a moderate wait for the pizza, but when it came…. O, mamma mia it was good!! Great prices again.

Da Michele: the best host in Vienna, bar none!! A great family feel restaurant, extremely fast and friendly with really great homely Italian food. Big thumbs up!

Universitatsbrauhaus: a piazza in the university quarter that is quiet and pleasant. Great Austrian/German cuisine.

AGI Open Source Presentation

Tuesday, 24 November, 2015

Great to be back at the AGI Annual Conference today and speaking about open source and giving a live demo. As ever things didn’t quite work to plan - I ran the risk of demonstrating on the venue PC and the Microsoft C++ dependencies werent installed for QGIS to run happily. So no QGIS demo. GIMP worked well and my XAMPP demo worked great (bar the time pressure!) until I had brain freeze and forgot the URL for localhost when loading my freshly made leaflet webmap pulling in lat/long from a local MySQL database. That’s life!! For those that want the slides, they are below. Enjoy!

Footnote: The Army win the prize for the best give-aways on the stall. One great Army Spork in my collection. Hotly followed by OS with their great benchmark tin mug. Back to the trenches!