Geomorphological Mapping: Methods and Applications

The edited book I have been working on is in the final throes of publication. Titled “Geomorphological Mapping: Methods and Applications” by Mike Smith, Paolo Paron and James Griffiths, its Volume 15 in Elsevier’s highly regarded Developments in Earth Surface Processes Series edited by Jack Shroder. Also available at Amazon.

Geomorphological Mapping: a professional handbook of techniques and applications is a new book targeted at academics and practitioners who use, or wish to utilise, geomorphological mapping within their work. Synthesising for the first time an historical perspective to geomorphological mapping, field based and digital tools and techniques for mapping and an extensive array of case studies from academics and professionals active in the area. Those active in geomorphology, engineering geology, reinsurance, Environmental Impact Assessors, and allied areas, will find the text of immense value.