Note to self… AF Assist on the D700

Note to self - AF-assist only works when in single servo mode and with single point focus on the centre spot. It don’t work otherwise and you can’t focus in a dark location!!!!

Relive those compouter games!!

For those raised in the 70s and 80s there is a nostalgia for some cracking and quaint old games - forget Elite (although it is cool!). Pacman and Frogger are the name of the game!!!! BBC News carried a nice article on the Internet Archive’s emulation of some classic consoles and the games they run all within a web browser. Easy way to fritter away a few hours :)

Packt boot deals

Try them out…. (I reviewed the Python one earlier this year


See Earthrise as Apollo 8 saw it in 1968 - for the first time. Fabulous Earth Observatory and great NASA video.

Digital Globe Best Image

Cast your votes! Some corkers here…..