Embedded PDF Viewer

Test post for an embedded PDF viewer using viewer.js…. very impressed and it supports ODF as well as PDF.


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Journal of Maps Best Map 2013

It is with great pleasure I can announce that the paper “Relief-Rock-Soil relationship in the transition of Atlantic Plateau to Peripheral Depression, Sao Paulo, Brazil” by Fernando Nadal Junqueira Villela, Jurandyr Luciano Sanches Ross and Sidneide Manfredini has been given the Journal of Maps “Best Map” award for 2013. This paper has now been made free access so please click the link and take a look.

Those papers short listed for best map are assessed upon both their academic content and cartographic quality. It is neither the best academic paper nor the best designed map, but a combination of qualities from both areas that is judged the winner. The awards panel noted that this year winner provides a substantive, clear and well presented sequence of maps with supportive information. A worthy winner!

Programming for geographers….

Nice thoughtful piece from Alex Singleton…. Very ,much in the vein of neogeography and touching upon the practical elements espoused in Mapping Hacks. More than ever, making use (aka hacking) of tools and methods to understand, develop and present thoughts, ideas and innovations is vital for those wanting to bring new energy, drive and value to the workplace. Get ahead, make yourself valuable…..

Smartphone vs DSLR

Very interesting and fairly detailed comparison over at Digital Photography Review. It’s not intended to be purely scientific but takes a broad sweep look and compares a range of historic (expensive!) DSLRs, a film camera and an iPhone 5S and Nokia Lumia 1020. The results are quite remarkable - worth the read