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  1. FREE EPRINT: Editorial: Perspectives on the contemporary art-geoscience interface, Journal of Maps
  2. FREE EPRINT: Testing and application of a model for snow redistribution (Snow_Blow) in the Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica, Journal of Glaciology
  3. FREE EPRINT: Quantification of Hydrocarbon Abundance in Soils using Deep Learning with Dropout and Hyperspectral Data, Remote Sensing
  4. FREE EPRINT: Assessment of low altitude UAS flight strategy on DEM accuracy, Earth Science Informatics
  5. FREE EPRINT: 'Reading landscape': interdisciplinary approaches to understanding, Journal of Maps
  6. FREE EPRINT: Land inundation and cropping intensity influences on organic carbon in the agricultural soils of Bangladesh, Catena
  7. FREE EPRINT: Summary of activities 2018, Journal of Maps
  8. OPEN ACCESS EPRINT: Demystifying academics to enhance university-business collaborations in environmental science
  9. FREE EPRINT: Summary of activities 2017, Journal of Maps
  10. FREE EPRINT: Hybrid Spectral Unmixing: Using Artificial Neural Networks for Linear/ Non-Linear Switching
  11. FREE EPRINT: Summary of activities 2016, Journal of Maps
  12. FREE EPRINT: Selecting cameras for UAV surveys, GIM International
  13. OPEN ACCESS EPRINT: Exploring Explanations of Subglacial Bedform Sizes Using Statistical Models
  14. FREE EPRINT: Editorial: summary of activities 2015
  15. FREE EPRINT: Manual mapping of drumlins in synthetic landscapes to assess operator effectiveness
  16. OPEN ACCESS EPRINT: Optimising UAV image quality using consumer cameras
  17. OPEN ACCESS EPRINT: Use of legacy data in geomorphological research
  18. FREE EPRINT: Summary of activities 2014
  19. FREE EPRINT: Manual mapping of a synthetic landscape to assess operator effectiveness
  20. OPEN ACCESS EPRINT: Multiresolution segmentation to automatically delimit landforms in DEMs: tests using synthetic drumlins
  21. FREE EPRINT: Journal of Maps Editorial: Summary of 2013
  22. FREE EPRINT: Bibliographic webmap: the Physical Landscape of Britain and Northern Ireland
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